Consultancy, Workshop & Training

At Neptrix, our qualified trainers are highly skilled professionals who are able to provide consulting services, training, workshop and seminars to increase your team member knowledge, where organizations will benefit in term of increased profitability and growth.

“People” is always the main reason a project will succeed or fail. So, we do not take the risk of not engaging people enough from the beginning. Neptrix believes in treating our client’s business as our own, so we share our knowledge to our clients like our own employee.

Please contact our sales personnel to learn more about Neptrix Training.

How do we deliver to our customer?

For the past decades, solution providers are using common B2B offerings to customer, where solutions provider develop a system based on customer’s requirement.

In Neptrix, we do things differently, where we do not view our customers as receiver of solutions, but part of a collaboration team working together to co-create solutions together. Rather than relying on our own understanding of customer’s requirement, our consultant work together with our customer before we deliver the best fit solutions where it will bring values.

Even after handover, our consultants will work together with our customers for certain period to monitor the outcome and suggest improvement plan. Because we believe in creating a more sustainable value. When our customer win, we win.


Unlike other software developers when they plan their Gantt Chart based on Ideal / Utopia scenario, Neptrix accept the facts that there will be unexpected scenarios happens after go-live, and we must do something to embrace it and deliver the best solutions.

We believe in getting things done and bring values to our customer, not merely just deliver a software. So we propose to have a High Priority Support Period where Neptrix Engineers will be on site every day (like client’s own employee) to solve any unexpected problem, or even perform enhancement based on customer feedbacks!

This model was started early 2018 with our new customers and we got very good feedback from our customers, and it was really efficient in term of implementation compared to traditional Train-and-handover methods.