New Release – infoHub Generation 2

INFOHUB Gen2 is our new improved framework, with high-performance core engine that accelerates your smart manufacturing development needs. The new database management methodology, advanced analytical processing engine, and improved user interface will support your manufacturing IT needs, on premise and in the cloud.

What’s new on Gen 2?

  • On premies, on cloud, your choice
  • Responsive and user friendly UI
  • Responsive and intuitive UI
  • Improved algorithm engine
  • New Business Intelligence Report
  • Rapid adaptation to suit your needs

Infohub is a framework designed according to manufacturing best practice with good understanding of Malaysian and Singaporean tradition and norm where our end-users will be comfortable using it. It is easy to implement and use while the workflow and methodologies are properly validated by industry experts, meeting all industry compliance.

Manufacturing Operation Management

Our best-seller. Infohub MOM/MES solution had been well received by our customers for the easy to use and suitable for local manufacturing practice.

Procurement Solution

InfoHub procurement solution consist of Supplier Self Service Portal, easy catalogue management, ERP integration and receiving control. Establishing effective collaboration between your company and your vendors.

Inventory Management

Manage high-volume, high mix warehouse with our reliable and fast computation engine where you can register your parts, trace movement, and minimize your cost of stock holding.

Sales Solutions

From registering enquiries and quotes, to order fulfilment, our sales solutions are able to integrate with other ERP or accounting systems, and our infohub MOM solution to make sure all sales are fulfilled.

Quality Management

Infohub QMS solution is the best choice for ISO and QMS compliance. From registering CAPA, 8D, and other non-conformity to defect analysis and OOS alarm, infohub can take care of your quality control needs.


Besides the main functions, infohub comes with many add-ons to compliment our standard solutions like document control, machine integration, approval routing, SSO with AD, e-commerce integration, etc.

Case Study


Mr. On is managing his family automobile parts business stocking over 30 thousands of SKU in their stores with many transactions every day. They highly depends on experienced front-line salesperson to handle those transactions due to the complexity of their parts.

After implementation of infoHub® Framework since 2018, Mr. On digitalized the business process and introduced intelligent product suggestion search engine to their point of sales.

Now, Mr. On eliminated his dependency on experienced workers by substituting human brain with AI.


Modular design for scalability

Web Portal
user interface via web browser

Mobile Apps
accesing infohub from phone

Production Kiosk
HMI designed for production floor

Visual Management
digital kanban board & BI reports

Secure Data Gateway
reliable front to back end communication

Horizontal Integration
connecting with other software system

Vertical Integration
integration with machine or IOLink

 Core Engine
BPM, AI, Algorithms and Data automation

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