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What is infoHub framework?

infohub is a framework consisting of a web portal, app-based software, production kiosk, and a training framework according to best manufacturing practice. It is easy to implement and use. After successful implementation, you will see results within 3 to 6 months.

3 Simple Steps to Tangible Result

Our framework is easy and affordable to implement, and built on lean manufacturing, six sigma with local manufacturing and business practice in mind. Just follow our framework to see guarranteed results within 6 months.

Customer Review

Our production output rate went up on the first few days when the visual management TV installed on our production floor. It turns out to be the production line workers are competing with others on the real-time output figure. Besides, I can also monitor the production output and machine status from my office.

Toh Kai Seng, REC, Senior Production Manager




Modular design for scalability

Web Portal
user interface via web browser

Mobile Apps
accesing infohub from phone

Production Kiosk
HMI designed for production floor

Visual Management
digital kanban board & BI reports

Secure Data Gateway
reliable front to back end communication

Horizontal Integration
connecting with other software system

Vertical Integration
integration with machine or IOLink

 Core Engine
BPM, AI, Algorithms and Data automation

Data Driven Decision Making

Still making decision with your gut feeling? With infohub, your factory information is all on your hand to support your decision making with data.

Real-Time information

Infohub Data Engine can process and crunch your data quickly and you will get the information that you need instantly.

Single Point of Truth

Eliminate repeated data entry, so you can ensure your data integrity and minimise human error.

Data Security

With industial grade DBMS, information is better controlled and our authentication control make sure no information leakage.


Plant expansion? New machine coming in? with standardized data platform with infohub, you can simply change your reporting structure.

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