Malaysian manufacturers have the strength that we are able to produce high mix, and low volume of parts to cater the outsourcing and procurement needs of high technology industries, which made Malaysia one of the most important hub for high technology giants to setup their plant in Malaysia. However, the sweet spot in sales
follows with management and planner’s nightmare, serving extremely high variety of parts and order, while need to ensure smooth supply chain to their customers.

We have a lot of customers from Metal Fabrication, Plastic Moulding and Product Assembly factories turning into us to collaborate and develop their Manufacturing Execution System. They ranged from multinational companies with thousands of employees, to family-owned workshop with few machines. We notice that they share the same headache that need an effective solution to cure: the chaos when managing high-mixture of parts, with low volume of single order.

Some of our customers had been using off the shelves MES software, which did the job, but unable to cater certain needs where only Malaysian and Singaporean manufacturer have (unable to adapt to local culture).

Neptrix also believes that B2B companies should honour the original meaning of “Solutions”, where we do not just build something that hoping to cater the widest possible customer base. Every customer is unique to us with unique problem and requirement, thus we developed a platform, where customization is highly flexible to cater every single need of our customer. Only by that, our customer will achieve the highest value from Information System.

For these projects, Neptrix had combined the methodologies of Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma, ISO Quality Management with the latest Information Technologies, and IIoT components to achieve maximum value to our manufacturing customers.

When the right tools and technology is used in manufacturing, our system had helped business owners and factory managers to keep track of their production, with data automation and business intelligence thus increasing efficiency and productivity.


Hierarchies per ISA-95