From registering enquirers and quotes, to order fulfillment, our sales solutions are able to integrate with other ERP or accounting systems, and our infohub solution to make sure all your company sales activities are streamlined.

Sales Activities Streamlined

InfoHub Sales Solutions includes our improved POS system, external salesperson portal to create quotation and invoice and view existing stock on the go, customer relationship management, and automated sales commission computation. Besides, our Customer Self Service module enable your customer to check their purchase real-time status via infohub portal to ensure your customer are satisfied.

Why use InfoHub Sales Solution?


  • Efficient workflow integrate from Quotation to Invoicing
  • Customer self service portal to view real-time status
  • Reduced error rate
  • Automated e-mail and whatsapp communication
  • Integrate with payment gateway
  • Responsive and intuitive UI
  • On premies, on cloud, your choice
  • Rapid adaptation to suit your company policy

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